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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil Key Differences

Hemp oil vs CBD oil: comparison, which we will discuss in this article. Although they are being labeled as the same thing by many people, they are two different things. It’s too easy to mix them up because both of them come from hemp, and sometimes they have the plant on the packaging. You can even find them in the same location, that’s why you should read all the labels before buying them. Hemp oil is used mostly for baking and as an ingredient in beauty products, while the other is an oral tincture. The main difference between them is their content because only products labeled CBD are allowed to contain a legitimate quantity of it. Hemp oils contain just a trace of CBD, and hemp seed oils do not contain any of it. This means that they don’t contain the same cannabinoid profile.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: Ingredients

Both of them come from hemp. It’s a specific type of cannabis plant that is rich with cannabidiol and low in THC (around 0.3%). Hemp oil is better known as hemp seed oil. As the name suggests, the extract comes from the hemp plant seeds.

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CBD oil is made by using the entirety of the hemp plant, not only the seeds. Its tinctures are usually accompanied by some type of carrier oil, such as olive oil, MCT oil and etc. CBD vapes are sometimes mistakenly associated with the term “CBD oil.” These products are similar to them, but they are specifically developed for vaping.

CBD content

The hemp plant is very rich in CBD, so the whole plant-based oil contains very high levels of it. The products with labels usually display the amount of CBD per unit. However, in some cases, labeled products using hemp seed oil do not specify the percentage of the CBD on the package or label, due to deficient levels of CBD.

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Production methods

The processes of producing CBD oil and hemp seed oil are very distinct. The first one takes full advantage of the hemp plant and uses high-end equipment to extract it. It usually has from clear to dark gold color and has a neutral plant flavor. The second one is commonly produced by cold-pressing and extracting hemp seeds. The result has a dark or clear light green color and nutty flavor.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: Production methods | Cloudtheorem

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Usage

Since we established that CBD oil and hemp oil are different, so are their uses. CBD oil is very rich in vaping, edible, and many other products. Hemp seed oil is usually used in cooking and beauty products. And as far as vaping goes, e-liquid typically contains a water-soluble form of CBD: CBD distillate or CBD isolate.


They are sold in many locations like grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies. Online shops are very popular with known CBD companies. Before, many of the previously mentioned locations would only send unknown brands of CBD and hemp seed oil. But now there are more and more established brands being sold.


Production of CBD oil is a more expensive procedure than hemp seed oil. That alone makes the first cost more. Some products claim to be made with premium CBD oil. It needs to be properly checked for its legitimacy because that product will charge you extra. Contrary to this, the hemp seed oil is cheaper to produce and distribute.