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CBD Vape Pen

The vaporizers which are used for CBD e-juice vaping and have a pen form are called CBD vape pen: the best way for using cannabidiol. We separate them into two categories. There are plenty of choices in each category, but here you will find the best CBD vape pens overviews that are currently available and also look at the pros and cons of both styles.

The only other option for CBD vaping is the box mod with a tank, also useful for people who like the performance of vaping with a mod. But if you want something easy to use and not expensive, then you should choose CBD vape pens.

There are also other ways using CBD, for example, dabs, lotions, edibles, but if you need a pocket fitting thing, then CBD vape is the best choice. Likewise, inhaling CBD, using the vaping method, is more effective.

Can CBD vape pens be refilled?

Yes, but it depends on the type of the vape pen: disposable or refillable. The first one is for one-time use and is a very affordable way to start vaping. The other gives you the option to refill the pod of the pen with your beloved brands of CBD oil, which is a bit more pricey and requires maintenance.

Can CBD vape pen be refilled | Cloudtheorem
  • Refillable CBD vape pen

It’s a type of vape pen that is filled with CBD e-juice. Usually, there is an attached tank to the rechargeable stick battery. Mostly the style is quite simple. Generally, they are lighter and more compact than other tank and mod combos.
An alternative to CBD vape pens is refillable pod vapes. Although they are for nicotine vaping, they also can be used to vape CBD.

  • Disposable CBD vape pen

It’s a vape pen that has e-juice with cannabidiol, atomizer, and a battery. The pen is for one-time use and designed to last for a few hundred puffs. Disposable vape pens are easy to use, require no prior experience of vaping products, and only produce the vapor while puffing. Although less cost-effective than refillables in the long run.

Which CBD brands can you trust?

If you want to know what product you are getting exactly, it needs to be from trustworthy sources. Reputable companies have positive professional and customer reviews. These brands also test their products with ISO labs and make the results available for customers.

Which CBD brands can you trust? | Cloudtheorem

The same is with vape pens. Though there are many types of vape pens, you should know about the best ones. Below you will find our recommendations regarding disposable and refillable vape pens.

Where can I purchase the vape pens you recommended?

Here are some of the most trusted CBD vape pens that are available to buy from one of the best online shops.

  • Disposables

Below we will present you high-quality disposable vape pens by Ignite and CBD Stix.

Ignite Disposable CBD vape Pens differentiate themselves from others with their modern and lightweight design. They are produced with 250MG CBD strength and a variety of flavors (Apple, Berry, Orange, Lavender, Spearmint, etc.).

Where can I purchase the vape pens you recommended? | Cloudtheorem

CBD Stix Disposable Pens comply with the highest standards and safety requirements. The pens are designed to be slick and eye-catching. It’s CBD strength is 100MG, also with lots of flavors(mint, blue raspberry, mango, etc.).

  • Refillables

Ignite also produces refillable vape pens that maintain the same high quality, with a decent battery that lasts a long time and comfortable ergonomic features. They also make vape pods that are meant to be used with the primary device. Which means you have the option to not deal with refilling anything.