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How to Use a Vape Pen With Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb

The vaporizers, which are mostly used with e-liquids, THC and CBD oil cartridges, dry herbs, wax/dabs, and have a pen form, are called vape pens. There are also types of vape pens that are for vaping cannabis concentrates and dry herbs. It is straightforward to use, even if you are a beginner. Here you can find different types of vape pens and learn the correct way of using them.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a tool that helps to produce vapor by heating a cartridge or a tank. The name “pen” comes from its cylindrical and compact design. It is a small-sized rechargeable gadget that is very easy to use and will conveniently fit in your pocket. This device was the first of its kind, with a long-running and large capacity battery. Vape pens became popular in the market in 2010 with Janty being the first company to produce them, then getting popularized by Joyetech.

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Charging your vape pen battery

Before charging, ensure that you use a suitable charger compatible with your device. It is preferable to use the charger that comes in the package with the pen. Like other small gadgets, you can charge your vape pen in your car or on a computer. There are two types of chargers: the standard micro USB and a proprietary connection located on the top of the pen called 510. If you need a charger replacement and your vape pen has a standard connection, then any micro USB will work. And if it is a proprietary connection, you can easily find and buy one online. Both cost next to nothing.

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How to use a vape pen?

First, make sure that your pen is fully charged. Depending on your battery size, it can take some time to fully charge the device but will guarantee a long time use. If the vape pen has button control, you should very quickly press the power button five times to turn it on or off. When vaping, press the button at the same time as inhaling. If you press it too soon, the steam will be too hot. Some operate without the need to touch anything – they are buttonless and only activate when you puff. The device has a cut-off time function that automatically turns off if your puff lasts longer than 10 seconds. Many vape pens have supplementary additions that help the experience to be more comfortable and enjoyable. Some of the features are preheated mode, led light indicators, and adjustable voltage. It is always recommended to start to look at the manual to find the voltage specs and, for the first couple of times, try the lowest setting and then gradually go up.

  • For oil cartridges

CBD and THC cartridges are frequently used in combination with vape pens. Remove the seal from the cartridge and attach it to the battery. Puff a little and wait a bit to let the effect sink in. Keep the voltage setting low to avoid burnt hits. Newer cartridges can handle more voltage and may require it to be higher to give you that enjoyable puff.

  • For e-liquid

Vape pens that work with e-liquids have two categories: direct lung (DL) and mouth to lung (MTL ). With DL, you’ll have bigger and heavier clouds. But with MTL, you get the effect of smoking with tight draws. Refillable vape pens with replaceable coils become more and more popular. They give you the freedom to add the amount of nicotine and flavor that is most suitable for you. CBD oil is becoming a more commonly used substance with refillable vape pens.

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Choose your favorite liquid and fill the tank with it, but pay attention not to add too much. Give the coil some time for it to prime. You only need a modest puff and a little break between each one to ensure that you notice the effect. When you start to feel that the flavor is going away, it means that it’s time to change the coil. In case your vape pen is operated via a battery, be attentive, and don’t forget to turn it off before putting it away.

  • For concentrates

Another option for cannabis vapers is vape pens made for CBD concentrates and THC. Also known as dab pens, they are an alternative way to vape concentrates besides bongs. The advantages of dab pens are their comfortable and compact design. They allow the user to vape pure CBD isolate crystals and are compatible with wax.

Using a tab tool, put a small amount of concentrate into the chamber. Then push the fire button to begin the process of melting your material, which will allow the coil to prime. It is always recommended to kick off with small puffs. To prevent it from getting very hot, while inhaling, pulse the fire button. Wait a couple of minutes after each puff.

  • For dry herb

Pens designed for vaping dry herbs were once not able to vaporize weed well. But now there are many types of vape pens available that produce vapor via a combination of conduction and convection.

Are vape pens safe?

Vape pens usually run on lithium-ion batteries, also used in our everyday use gadgets such as laptops, phones, tablets, and many more. They have built-in chips with safety measures like, overheat protection, short circuit protection, high and low voltage protection, etc.

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Tips for maintaining your vape pen

Your pen will require regular appropriate care if you want to use it for years to come and at its full efficiency. The mouthpiece should always be sanitary. A case will help to stop dirt and dust from getting in. Systematically clean it with isopropyl alcohol. To prevent leaking or clogging, do not overfill it, and always have extra coils available.