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Why is CLIC the best closed pod system?

The Clic Vapor Pod system is not a newcomer on the block. However, they just released quite a lot of new flavor options. Basically, making them the variety king of flavor in the closed pod system arena of course. The whole closed pod system label just refers to the fact that the pods in the device are not refillable. The device itself is rechargeable and now it accepts a whole variety of flavor pods. You basically just need to replace the pod once you run out of e-liquid.

Hence, the Clic is by no means running behind some of the other closed pod system devices. Clic is your best way to go if you want a high nicotine delivery system. If you’re trying to quit smoking this is just right.

Why is CLiC Vapor better than other pod systems?

The whole Clic theme is, “For smokers by smokers”. It boasts a 350mAh battery. Just a quick reference for comparison’s sake, the MYLE has a 250mAh battery, where the JUUL has a 200-milliamp battery. Making the Clic last the longest and that’s not all. Also, it has smart temperature control and that doesn’t mean the user controls the temperature. You’re not obliged to press buttons of some sort. The temperature control is automatically regulated within the device while you’re using it, to ensure peak performance and best vape experience.

CLIC 24 different flavor pods | Cloudtheorem

The Biggest Reason Why to Choose the CLiC

See for yourself how the Clic device performs in real life. As a result, you won’t be let down!

It has 24 different flavor options for pods. The CLiC Vapor system comes in four color options; red, pink, black and gray.

What’s in the Box:

• The Clic device
• Micro USB Charging Cable
• An instruction manual
• One-year warranty card

You can determine the battery capacity level by paying attention to the color of the LED while you’re vaping.

• White is 100%-40%,
• Blue is 40%-10
• Red is 10-%-0%, when you are almost out of charge.

In conclusion, before using the CLiC for the first time fully charge the device. This is to prolong the life of the battery.

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