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MYLE Mini New Vape Disposable Device

Some of you already know that MYLE brand has grown immensely in popularity and that’s for a good reason. They offer a device with a large number of e-Liquid flavors. The famous MYLE Mini device is compact, rechargeable, very simple to use and most importantly hits really well.

However, the current MYLE Mini comes with pods that are not refillable. Other big advantage is the price point. Especially, when you compare it to the JUUL it’s significantly cheaper. Without sacrificing the quality and vape experience, in my opinion MYLE is a close second to the JUUL.

Differences between MYLE and MYLE Mini

The most significant difference is that MYLE Mini is disposable device which is a major point of convenience for many people. There’s a big benefit and ease of use attributes and disposables. You never have to charge them, and you never have to fill them. In fact, they’re always ready when you are. And typically, really simple to use with no buttons or any type of on/off switch. This might be a huge advantage to anybody who’s looking to quit smoking and get something easy and simple to use.

MYLE Mini disposable device | Cloudtheorem

MYLE box contains:

• Two disposables. Each disposable has 1.2ml of e-liquid inside. That amounts to 320 puffs per disposable.
• These MYLE Minis are packed with a salt-based nicotine which is 50mg in nicotine strength.

So those of you, who require the highest nicotine strength should find yourself pretty satisfied with these disposables.

The MYLE Mini is available in five different flavors:

• Iced Quad Berry
• Iced Apple Mango
• Iced Mint
• Iced Watermelon
• Sweet Tobacco.

These individual MYLE Mini Pods come fully charged and pre-filled. Please dispose of them properly after their life cycle.

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