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Why E-Liquid Turns Dark? Prevention Tips

E-liquid can turn dark over time, inside a tank or bottle, due to multiple factors. However, don’t be alarmed. There’s a reasonable explanation and some easy prevention tips. The typical problems are artificial ingredients, oxidation and heat exposure. Therefore, there are a few different strategies to battle/combat this phenomenon.


Artificial sweeteners and sugars that add flavor are common in e-liquids. Unfortunately, they caramelize when exposed to high heat, just like caramel, changing the color and texture of the liquid. This process produces gunk that stains e-liquid in your device and builds up on your coil. Sometimes even seeping into the rest of the tank and leaving frightening residue that can taint freshly added e-juice. Usually manufacturers use varying ingredients, so some turn dark faster than others. Be an informed shopper. Buy sugar-free and natural alternatives to prevent caramelizing and other coil killers.

Why E-Liquid Turn Dark - Oxidation | Cloudtheorem


Oxidation is a chemical reaction that causes e-liquid to darken. This process occurs when nicotine is exposed to oxygen. However, it generally doesn’t ruin the taste or quality of your e-liquid, only the appearance. Extensive exposure of e-liquid to light and heat will also gradually cause nicotine discoloration. Nicotine is just a very reactive substance. Storing bottles and devices in a cool, dark place can aid in slowing the process. Keep them firmly closed.


Lastly, cleaning your tank also gets rid of gunk buildup, helps minimize discoloration and changes in flavor. This might seem obvious but is often overlooked or neglected. So, adopting a regular cleaning routine will help ensure the best experience and is necessary maintenance. To avoid flavor or color contamination, always clean the tank before adding any new e-liquid. How often you need to clean your tank and coil depends entirely on the frequency and intensity that you use it.

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