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Is Organic E-Liquid better for you?

The vape industry offers a plethora of e-liquid choices. So, it might become overwhelming to navigate the market and select the best options for organic e-liquids. E-juices are considered safe but are mostly comprised of chemicals and extracts. As a result, we have no long-term health impact studies. Therefore, this gives me great pleasure to share a high-quality organic alternative to all the noise, called Essence Vapor.

USDA Certified Organic E-Liquid

The company is dedicated to using natural, organic e-liquid ingredients for an overall cleaner vaping experience. Essence Vapor e-juices never contain artificial flavorings, PG (propylene glycol), dairy, gluten, sugar, or GMOs. The absence of all those artificial additives makes it instantly superior to other brands. Thus, Essence Vapor is dedicated to producing the healthiest product for you and the environment. Creating the smallest possible carbon footprint in the process without compromising on flavor or nicotine strength.

Top Reasons to Try This Organic E-Liquid

This premium vape juice contains only the highest quality organic, all-natural ingredients throughout production. USDA-Certified organic e-liquid flavor extracts and concentrates are combined with nicotine from the highest quality organically grown American tobacco. Nicotine is obtained through a chemical free, uninhibited cold extraction. Production occurs in an AEMSA certified clean room using only the highest quality American made ingredients available. They source Non-GMO VG (vegetable glycerin) and flavor extracts. Lastly, all of their vape juice is free from added sugar. Sugar is known to gunk up coils as it’s vaporized, so using a sugarless e-liquid extends your coils longevity.

Besides, another feature that I found very impressive and makes this product especially unique is that it’s 100% VG. Why? VG (vegetable glycerin) produces a lot more vapor than PG, so you’re getting more vapor in each hit when you’re vaping a Max-VG. Almost all e-liquids out there utilizes PG (propylene glycol) in their mixtures which is derived from petroleum.

USDA Certified Organic E-liquid review | Cloudtheorem
USDA Certified Organic E-liquid review | Cloudtheorem

The Long-Term Side Effects

Unfortunately, there’s no way of definitively measuring the long-term side effects of a petroleum-based e-liquid on the human body. In addition to create a cleaner product for lung consumption and avoid the questionable presence of PG, Essence Vapor omitted PG entirely. I’m not saying bad of PG or trying to scare you, but it is counterintuitive to inhale a petroleum derivative. Because of its widespread application as a flavor carrier in artificial e-juices, vapers have grown accustomed to equating propylene glycol with flavor. This is a misleading assumption. Using a high number of organic e-liquid flavorings in Essence Vapor recipes, they don’t have to sacrifice taste. As a result, it costs more to create the natural flavor concentration.


To summarize, these are all the main reasons that I wanted to bring Essence Vapor to your attention. You can keep vaping on your personal juice favorites. Rest assured they are still healthier than smoking cigarettes but consider giving this PG free substitute a chance. I did and can attest that the nicotine is potent. Their 10 flavor options are delicious and there’s a difference using this sugar free, non-GMO, organic e-liquid. The higher standards applied in an entirely US based operation result in better quality control and a superior vaping experience.

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