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Top Devices – Transitioning from smoking to vaping

Transitioning from smoking to vaping has been a major game changer in my life. I was an avid smoker. And would have never believed any secondhand accounts had I not experienced all the benefits of vaping for myself.

The motivation will vary for everyone, be it health, social or lifestyle reasons. But if you’re ready to take that first step towards quitting smoking, vaping is definitely your savior. It’ll make your shift seamless. You won’t need to endure any withdrawals or experience discomfort. You can simply get your nicotine fix in a healthier, tastier, cheaper and, in my opinion, much more satisfying way. To help, I’ve toiled to put together a quick guide to some of the simplest and best device options for beginners.

JUUL Device

My first recommendation is JUUL. It is one of the leading brands on the market and I’ll explain the why. It’s easy to use and offers a very familiar cigarette draw. Also, perhaps the biggest reason for its success is simply access. JUUL is widely sold at most gas stations. I highly recommend ordering online because you’ll have more flavor options, free shipping. You’ll actually save an enormous amount of money over purchasing at a retail location, which has an overinflated price.

However, if you’re on the go, it is extremely comforting to know that a quick solution is readily available. If you forgot to charge your device, or any such scenario, where you find yourself battling an intense nicotine craving with no option at hand. The other thing to emphasize is that it has a 0.7ml capacity in each pod. Which is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. That means it’s strong and the intensity will alleviate withdrawal fast. The pod is a small cartridge that’s inserted into the device, which houses the rechargeable battery that powers the pod. And lastly, the JUUL is very lightweight and small, but the proprietary charging system is inconvenient and flavor variety is limited.

Juul device | Cloudtheorem
Juul device | Cloudtheorem


This brings me to my next suggestion: the MYLE Mini. It’s even smaller than the JUUL with another notable advantage: it’s disposable. MYLE is another prominent brand on the vaping market and makes a regular closed pod device comparable to the JUUL. You really can’t go wrong with either option. Right now, I want to focus on the MYLE Mini, which is the newest disposable version from this reputable company. Any disposable instantly boasts many advantages.

Firstly, it’s hassle-free because it’s ready to use straight out of the box. Second, it never needs to be charged or refilled. Next, the Myle Mini is cheaper than the JUUL. The e-Liquid capacity is 1.5ml, which is equivalent to over 2 packs of cigarettes. JUUL probably mimics the cigarette smoking experience the best. But Myle Mini also has a tight draw and grants you a much easier user experience as a disposable.

Myle Mini disposable device | Cloudtheorem
Myle Mini disposable device | Cloudtheorem


There are endless options in the vaping world. I’m trying to present you with the top brands that qualify the vaping experience for beginners.

Subsequently, I would like to introduce the NOVO 2. Another well-known and popular brand with drastically different features. To be clear, popularity isn’t the reason I’m selecting these products. Rather, they are popular because of their specific attributes and painstaking improvements acquired through experience. As the name suggests, the NOVO 2 is the second generation of what was already a great device. It’s still about the size of a lighter but has a massive battery capacity. JUUL is 200mAh and the NOVO 2 is a whopping 800mAh. The four times greater battery obviously offers convenient longevity and easy micro-USB charging, unlike JUUL. In conjunction with a lower resistance coil, you get better vapor and flavor production.


Therefore, this device is straying from the standard cigarette experience and venturing into an airier and less restrictive feel. For now, all you need to take away from this description is that NOVO 2 is more evolved and less concerned with imitating a cigarette. The 2ml pod is larger than JUUL or MYLE and is refillable. That opens the door to a vast variety of e-liquid, which is why refillable devices are known as OPEN pod systems. This means you are no longer constrained to pre-filled pods or disposables. You can choose any e-liquid your heart desires and there are thousands of them out there. The best part of the NOVO 2 is that it comes with interchangeable pods, allowing you to use salt nic or regular e-liquid in one pod system.

NOVO 2 | Cloudtheorem
NOVO 2 | Cloudtheorem


Speaking of open pod refillable devices, the Justfog MINIFIT is a super compact choice. You’ll still maintain your key to the infinite e-liquid world with one of the smallest pod-based systems that you can buy today. Because it’s an open system, you can easily refill this device with any nicotine salt e-liquid. Which will be giving you complete control over your vaping experience. The MINIFIT and NOVO 2 both allow you to alternate between salt base and free base e-juices. But they were designed to optimize salt base e-liquids.

The oversimplified distinction between salt base and free base is viscosity or “thickness” of the e-liquid. Which typically in turn requires different coils. Click on unfamiliar highlighted words, if you’d like to dive deeper into the meaning, options and functionality. Affordably priced, JustFog MINIFIT has a built-in 370mAh rechargeable battery and a 1.5ml refillable cartridge. So, in spite of being one of the tinniest devices on the market, it delivers superior flavor with a 1.6Ω coil and constant output voltage. The best attribute of the MINIFIT is the tight cigarette-like draw.

Justfog MINIFIT smoking
Justfog MINIFIT smoking

Clic Device

My final suggestion for your nicotine-addicted novices is a device whose very slogan is “For Smokers, By Smokers.” CliC brandishes this catchphrase because it is the most powerful genuine/authentic closed pod system with a 350 mAh rechargeable battery. For context, JUUL only has a 200mAh battery. Otherwise, CliC shares a lot of features with JUUL; no refilling, no buttons, draw activated and pre-filled pods purchased separately.

CliC also has a 1.5ml pod capacity for e-juice, like the MINIFIT, but double that of the JUUL. NOVO 2, MINIFIT and Click can all be charged with a micro-USB cord, which is more convenient. What really sets it apart is a built-in automatic temperature control. This delivers peak flavor and the largest flavor variety, especially from coveted e-liquid manufacturers. As an extra bonus, the CliC is also much more affordable.

CliC devices | Cloudtheorem
CliC devices | Cloudtheorem

There’s no shortage of products on the market, but many of those products are designed for hobbyists. I wrote this specifically for newcomers that don’t have time or interest in vaping as a hobby or sport. Everyone is different. It could be that a refillable device or a more electronically complex vape would work better for you. For everyone else that wants to keep it simple and kick the nicotine habit, I’m confident these 5 devices are the right place to start. Save money and add years to your life, plus experience flavor like never before.