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SMOK MAG P3 MOD Need To Knows

Let’s review the brand new SMOK MAG P3.

One of the coolest things about the SMOK MAG P3 is that it comes with a TFV16 tank. The TFV16 is one of my favorite sub ohm tanks on the market. The tank is really big. For its optimal performance it requires pretty high wattage and that’s exactly what the MAG P3 is here to deliver. The standard version or the US version of SMOK MAG P3 only comes with a TFV16. The EU or a UK version comes with a TFV Mini Tank instead of the TFV16. Also. it has with a 2ml tank capacity, while the TFV16 tank is 9ml.

Great features of SMOK MAG P3

• Fits comfortably in the hand
• The rubberized finish makes it really easy to grip and fits comfortably in your hand. It prevents from slipping out of your hand and does not allow for any fingerprints on the device.
• The SMOK MAG P3 mod received an IP67 rating. That means its dust proof, shockproof and also waterproof. In other words, it can be dropped into a water up to a meter deep for half an hour.
• The temperature control capabilities where the device operates from 200-600℉
• 230-watt maximum output.
IQ-M Chipset, which delivers more power at a faster rate.
• Short circuit, low voltage, overheating protections and 10 second cutoff switch.
• The device has a 1.9inch touchscreen.
• Powered by dual 18650 batteries

smok mag 3 tank | Cloudtheorem

TFV16 Tank with 9ml e-Liquid capacity comes in five different colors:

• Blue/Black
• Red/Black
• Grey/Black
• Green/black
• Black/Red

SMOK MAG P3 Mod box:

• SMOK MAG P3 mod
• Instruction manual
• Warranty Card
• Micro USB charger
• TFV16 Tank
• 1.7ohm single mesh coil
• 1.2ohm dual mesh coil

smok mag 3 TFV16 | Cloudtheorem

How to Turn on the SMOK MAG P3?

Firstly, you have to turn the device on. For that press the button five times. Second, you need to unlock the slider on the touchscreen to the access the settings. It has a lot of custom settings. In regular mode, the two buttons at the bottom is what changes your wattage and it can go from 1W-230W. On the top of the device is the base where you screw in the tank into a spring loaded 510pin.

By the way, when trying to fire the SMOK MAG P3 mod without anything installed, it’s going to give you “No automizer” message. Pressing the fire button three times will lock the firing button all together. In order to unlock the fire key, you have to press it three times again.


Towards the bottom of the screen you have your ohm meter, amperage reader, voltage meter and puff counter.
You’ll see the settings button on top left. Press on that and you will enter the settings where your options are; Mode, My mode, Puff and Settings.


• WATT: Wattage or temperature control. In temperature control you’ll see stainless steel, nickel and titanium. TCR – you can adjust temperature control. Wattage – you can adjust wattage in temperature control mode.
• Preheat: This could be normal, soft or hard which will alternate the ramp up speed of the wattage you have set.
• Wattage: Wattage could be set here as well as on the home screen.
MY MODE: Offers different presets where you can set the wattage, preheat, nicotine strength, flavor of e-Liquid that you’re using.
• PUFF: You can reset your puff counter or set a limit of how many puffs before the device stops firing.


• General: Tells you about the device, factory reset, accessibility, power off.
• Chip: Here you will find everything about the chipset.
• Theme: Edit screen color and screen timeout.
• Passcode: Set a passcode and make sure no one is using your device who isn’t authorized.

Battery indicator is on the top right. This indicates each of the two batteries that you have installed in the device.

The SMOK MAG P3 makes an overall pleasant experience in your hand!